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Accentuate Music

Conrad, Laurie (1946-): Aurore for violin solo
For Aurora

Conrad, Laurie (1946-): Vuex for unaccompanied violin

Goldberg, William B. (1917-): Sonata for solo violin (1977)
Dedicated to Cora Gordon

Loeb, David (1939-): Echoes of autumn and winter for violin unaccompanied

Loeb, David (1939-): Four preludes

Loeb, David (1939-): From ancient rites for violin solo

Loeb, David (1939-): Impressions of Japanese instruments for violin solo

Loeb, David (1939-): Reveries for violin solo

Loeb, David (1939-): Rondo

Loeb, David (1939-): Sonata no.4 for violin

Loeb, David (1939-): Suite no.2

Loeb, David (1939-): Suite no.4 for violin solo

Maneri, Joseph Gabriel (1927-): Violin piece for Gunther (1985)
[quarter tones]

Robinson, Keith: Sonata for unaccompanied violin

Robinson, Keith: Two fragments for unaccompanied violin