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Adaskin, Murray


Adaskin, Murray: Gabrielle (1997) 6'30
Dedicated to Jacques Israelievitch, concertmaster of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra
FP: Jacques Israelievitch, 19.4.1998, Ettore Mazzoleni Concert Hall, Toronto

Adaskin, Murray: Sonata No.1 for Violin (1996) 12'30
Dedicated to James Ehnes. Commissioned by the Vancouver Recital Society for the 1996 Vancouver Chamber Music Festival.
FP: 29.7.1996, James Ehnes, Vancouver

Adaskin, Murray: Sonatina baroque (1952) 9'40
Commissioned by the Forest Hill Community Centre Concert Series
FP: Eugene Kash, 1952 Toronto

Adaskin, Murray: T’Filat Shalom – A Prayer for Peace for Violin (2000) 6'45
Dedicated to Jack Glatzer

Adaskin, Murray: Vocalise No.1 for Violin (1992) 6'30
Dedicated to Andrew Dawes.
FP: Louise Alexander, 11.6.1993, Victoria Conservatory of Music

Adaskin, Murray: Vocalise No.2 “In 5/4 Time” for Violin (1996) 4'
Dedicated to Ann Elliott-Goldshmid, first violin with the LSQ.
FP: Trevor Fitzpatrick, 27.4.2002, at a media reception in Toronto on the occasion of the launching of the Canadian Composers Portraits series.

Adaskin, Murray: Zelda (1996) 9'45
Dedicated to Victor Feldbrill.
FP: Mark Lupin, 20.10.2002, Alix Goolden Hall, Victoria Conservatory of Music, during the tribute concert “Ode To Joy: Murray Adaskin Remembered.”